Dorm Room Halloween Decorations

So if you’re like me and my roommate, you go all out for every holiday. No exceptions. So when October rolled around, we both realized that our dorm was looking kind of plain. Sure, we had some inspirational quotes taped to the walls and pictures from home in frames, but nothing that really screamed, “Halloween”.

Since we live in the dorms, we didn’t exactly want to go crazy with a hammer, nails, and spray paint. Even if we did, our RA probably wouldn’t be very happy with us.

So it was time to break out Old Faithful (aka Pinterest) and find some DIY decorations that would: 1. look cute in a dorm, 2. be fairly easy to make, and 3. wouldn’t set us back on paying student loans in the future.

One of the first DIY’s I came across was a K-Cup Recycled Garland. This was perfect for me and my roommate because we’re both coffee drinkers and those K-cups really fill up the garbage fast.

All you have to do is remove the coffee grounds and filters from the K-cups, draw on a pumpkin face, widen the hole at the top (Keurigs already puncture a hole to make coffee), and push an orange light through.

Because we live in the dorms, we can’t have huge decorations that take up a lot of space. I was excited to find these DIY Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts because you can pretty much hang them from anywhere.

To make these, you put a small styrofoam ball on top of an empty water bottle, soak cheesecloth in fabric stiffener, lay the cloth on top of the styrofoam ball, and let it dry overnight. You can either glue on googly eyes or draw them on with a Sharpie.

So if the newness of college has rubbed off, and you’re sick of watching Netflix and scouring campus for something to do, here are some simple, practical decorations to try.


4 thoughts on “Dorm Room Halloween Decorations

  1. shannondrea says:

    These are adorable! My roommates and I are super excited about Halloween. One of them brought a bunch of little pumpkin decorations back the last time she went home, so know the windowsill in our living room is covered in tiny plastic pumpkins. We don’t have any lights though, so these would be a cool addition.


  2. Charlie says:

    Those are cool. Unfortunately, I never did Halloween this year. It isn’t really my favorite holiday. Im saving all my money, and decorating skills (limited as they are) for Christmas. I am a Christmas fanatic. I am that guy who you can hear Christmas music coming from their dorm move in week. I am probably going to go make a post now about how hard I went with decorating last year in the dorms. 😚


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